Sunday, April 20, 2008

This Weekend

Well, I realize I haven't posted in a while, so I'm going to share my weekend with everyone. Saturday my boyfriend Lou and I both went to Karl Gnass's story seminar at the Animation Guild. It began at 10 am and ended at 4 pm, was $65 for the day. From taking Karl's storyboarding class Wednesday nights, and going to this seminar on Saturday, I can tell you that this guy has a lot to offer his students. Besides having a wealth of knowledge on the subject of story and storyboarding (he was a writer and storyboard artist for many years), he has the unique ability to express himself with clarity so that the points of story he makes in lectures can be easily understood, and applied to one's own writing or storytelling. Karl went through a thick stack of story notes he's collected over time, particularly focusing on a few various story/plot/character structures. He then went through a few choice films, Finding Nemo, Red River, Princess Bride, Kramer vs. Kramer, Long Kiss Goodnight, and one of my favorites, La Dolce Vita, explaining the devices/patterns being utilized in each film.

That was great, and later, I went to my first Passover seder at my great uncle's house. It was nice, it really feels that as all generations in my family get older (my generation, my mom's, grandma's), we learn to get along better as a unit. Later I went with my brother and my boyfriend to a friend's party by the Marina for just a bit.

Today (thus far) has also been a very inspiring day for me. I was lucky enough to have lunch with the amazing Lorna Cook, who has achieved so much in her life as an animator, writer, and artist, and who was nice enough to meet with me. She had a lot of good things to say, but the most valuable, I think, was to "Never give up" and have the patience and openness to let life take you to places unexpected.

I've been grappling with figuring out where I should be directing my concentration (artwork/portfolio wise) since I want to tell stories, but also paint/draw characters. I didn't know for sure if I should be considering working in visual development or being a story artist as my (dream) career goal. Talking to Lorna about it, I'm fairly certain that I need to concentrate on being a story artist, which includes storyboarding, and also character design.

More on the horizon,


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