Friday, May 30, 2008

A Close Encounter

Ink wash.


Marcos Gp said...

Hi there, You would probably would like to check the figure drawing classes on the aet program in SMC they have a class called the figure in motion and they basically follow the glen vilpu's method, the instructor is called cathy karol and is a great artist and animator...

Good luck with karl he is really awesome.


Mike Caracappa said...

Hey Emily :)

I'm doing okay. Just buckling down on my draftsmanship right now. I'm in Karls two Monday classes, painting and figure drawing in the evening. Figure painting's fun, but challenging! I'm also gonna start working at a small coffee place in Burbank this week (not Starbucks!) It was sad that the BTTF courthouse took a lot of damage last week. I'm sure they'll rebuild all that stuff, as much as they don't want to pay for it :)
Hope your new classes go well. Take care for now!