Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Comic-Con Meant for Emily

Comic Con was...really fun, at least for me. I was there Thurs-Sunday, and lucky for me, I was able to experience the con just for pleasure's sake (this year). Last year I was trying to get my comic, Tomboy, into the hands of publishers, which prevented me from checking out panels, etc. So I went to all the animation panels that interested me, which was so cool. I also met some cool artists/people. Here were the highlights...

I got to meet the animator behind a film I saw in high school, called "Son of Satan", which is based on a Charles Bukowski story. His name is JJ Villard, and not only did he make this one great short film, but several others, which I now have collected on a DVD I bought from his booth. JJ was so incredibly nice, encouraging and inspiring. He also does some really interesting, colorful art, which can be found in both his own book, and in a book entitled Scrambled Ink, which is a collection of Dreamwork's artists' artwork, and can be found on Amazon. I can't wait to see what JJ does next! I hope he gets to make more films.

I went to the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack panel on Sunday, in which the creator, Thurop Van Orman, and several other people involved with this show, spoke. This is one of my favorite shows on TV right now, and I only discovered it by chance while I was browsing the Cartoon Network website. Now I'm trying to "tivo" as many episodes as I can so I can catch up with the 10 or so episodes that have already aired. This show is definitely Pee-wee and Ren and Stimpy inspired, which is right up my alley for those that know me. Thurop was very funny and charming in the panel, and seemed to be genuinely overjoyed to be working on his own show. I'd jump at a chance to be a part of this show.

Other highlights:

I went to a few other panels definitely worth mentioning...a panel that was a tribute to Disney story artist/veteran Floyd Norman, where he talked about his career, beginnings, and received a "Disney Legends" award. I went to an Interning in Animation panel, which I found to be helpful. Got to see a sneak peak of Pixar's next film, Up, which I'm already getting super excited about, which is not good, as I was so disappointed with Wall-e. I saw a Pineapple Express panel with my brother, which was only really good for the witty banter that went on between Judd Apatow and Seth Rogan, as they ripped apart the annoying questioners in the Q&A. I saw a panel Thursday morning, in which Disney story artists previewed Bolt through a storyboarded sequence, which was kind of neat. I also went to his panel about a new Nick show called "Making Fiends", which had an inspiring story behind it. A woman who animated her own web series (Making Fiends) was approached by Nickelodeon to turn it into a show on their network. Pretty cool if you ask me!


My boyfriend Lou(being fondled by his boss), at his booth for The Age of Insects.

Floyd Norman, just after receiving his award.

A pimped out Batman (on the left).


Ray Bradbury!

The team behind The Misadventures of Flapjack.


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