Thursday, September 4, 2008

How Emily Got Her Groove Back

Sorry the photos are dark.

Was it Glenn Vilppu that did it? My friend Sina and I started this awesome "Figure in Motion" class at the SMC AET campus last week, but dude, I was not feeling it. I hadn't been feeling it for the past month or so, while I was taking my Karl Gnass classes (he is so talented), and even last week in my new life drawing class. But today, our instructor, the accomplished Cathy Karol-Crowther, showed us a Glenn Vilppu instructional video.

Is his life drawing system a system that works for me? Maybe so. I don't like the fact that he (and my instructor) always start with drawing the head...this is something Karl Gnass specifically said not to do...And I think I know why. The most important step you take in figure drawing (at least if you want to be in animation) is to capture the gesture, the action, the "lines of direction", as Karl calls it. I agree with this, and think I may have problems adapting to the "start with the head" routine.

Otherwise, I think Glenn's system of drawing may be very helpful to me. He starts by drawing, not really lines, but curves that describe the gesture or action of the figure. It is a very comfortable style, and encourages me to loosen up with how I lay marks on the paper. After you establish the gesture using these curves, you start slowly bulking up the drawing for volume. This isn't necessarily just drawing shapes that fit into your gesture lines, but also laying down new curved lines that elegantly compliment your original drawing...Well, at least Glenn's drawings do that :)

Enough of this blabber. Hopefully all this writing won't be for naught, and I will continue to maintain my "groove" throughout this semester's class--if not forever?

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