Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Card Art

So, my birthday was this past Friday, March 13th. I went to Disneyland with Lou (my admission was free, of course) and we had a grand ol' time. I had some friends over Sat. night, and I wanted to share a sampling of some of the birthday card art they gave me...
The first is by my friend/co-worker Laura, who is a very talented quick-sketch artist, in my opinion. Second is by my friend Sina Grace, who is an amazing comic artist. The next is by the gifted drummer and artist, Liam Morrison, who drums for The Myonics (my band), and also The Amazements (look 'em up on myspace). The last is a nicely written birthday card envelope by Aniko, family friend and my grandma's Hungarian helper. So there you go.

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