Sunday, June 21, 2009

Please Help My Brother Fund His First Movie

Hi friends and blog readers,

My brother David has been trying to get the funds together to make his first feature film for some time now with little success. He is an incredibly gifted screenwriter and director, and I've been watching him make ingenious short films and videos since he was in high school. If you could please take the time to look at his website, in which he explains his situation, his dreams, and tells you the about the plot of his movie and amazing talent already attached to it, including the incredibly charming actor and songwriter, Mr. Charlie Hewson, Eric Edelstein, a hilariously funny upcoming comedy actor, and my brother, natch:

David's First Movie

You can decide to purchase a DVD for $25 (which will help fund the film), donate less if you can't afford the $25, or if you happen to be in a good position to donate more, you can donate over $25 and recieve special bonus perks.

At this point, he's already going into production on it, but is still struggling to pay with inadequate funds. If I've already told you about this and you haven't made a donation yet, think of this: Wouldn't you want a DVD of an incredibly cool, quirky first feature film by a filmmaker whose influences include Wes Anderson and John Cassavetes? I know I would, even if he weren't my brother. This is a win-win situation!

Also, if you dig finding out about enchanting new music, the lead actor, Charlie Hewson's music is featured on the movie website, as well as on Charlie Myspace page.

Thanks so much,

P.S. I'll make an art post later today...


Lou Pieper said...

well if your doing the poster art...
I got to buy it!!

Lou Pieper said...

Oh, you mean an art post... not poster art for the movie. I'm disappointed, but looking forward to your art post!