Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beginner Parkour Video!

My friend Kirsten Lepore and I just made our first "parkour" video! Check it out!

Grr, for some reason blogger is trimming the aspect ratio...Check it out here instead!


Laura Jane said...

dude i'm obsessed. i just blogged it too. youtube vids always get cropped on blogger for some reason, but it will look a little better if you select the smaller size in the embed options.

pineapple said...

This is super AwesOmE!!!

Hobo Divine said...
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Hobo Divine said...


Pineapple is right, this IS super Awesome!
I'm gonna do some beginner-parkour right now! Look out snowbanks and icy trees!

But honestly there was definitely some Intermediate Parkour peppered in there!

Thanks for posting.

Emily said...

Thanks guys! And thanks Hobez! P.S. There is NO intermediate parkour in that video, unless you're referring to the dude that does a back flip ;)