Saturday, April 3, 2010

Check out this strange monkey child...

By "monkey child," I'm referring to the doll, not me. It was a birthday present from my mom. Doesn't she think of the darndest things to get me? :)


flyingfae said...

doesn't she, though? I only THOUGHT it was a bunny child...silly of me.

Hobo Divine said...

Is this a Monchichi?
It looks awful close to one!

Thank you for the link to that cool sound clip!
(I don't like pillowfights).
Love that scratch and hiss on the recording!
Sounds like campfire going by at 331/3rpm!

Bye bye!


Emily said...


If you took off the hat, you would see that it has furry brown ears, and without clothes on, a furry brown tail.


Yes, I've been informed by a friend that it is indeed, a Monchichi. It sleeps next to me.

Glad you liked that recording. I can't wait for your record!

flyingfae said...

I can't believe Hobo identified this as a Monchichi...just how famous is this doll? I must have stumbled onto a rare collectible, one that should be guarded and cherished for the rest of your days....j/k.

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