Monday, August 23, 2010

The Late Joe Ranft

 Joe: "I had more ideas than the ability to draw them." 


  This quote comes from the brand-spanking-new book, Two Guys Named Joe, by John Canemaker.  In reading the book (which is super enjoyable),  I'm starting to feel a kinship to the late Ranft, who was an inspiring storyteller with a sort of a dark, twisted artistic side.  But his words which I connected to most are in the quote above.  Currently, my drawing skills aren't yet strong enough to support my many ideas.  I will keep trying to work at this problem...


Sorry about the crappy drawing,

  I didn't have my wacom tablet and pen on me.



The Ivanator said...

you used mouse to draw? awesome. I think your drawings have a unique style, keep it up.

Heejin Park said...

The books sounds really good! i shall try to read that book too^^ oh and i like the character! his smile is so fulfillingXD