Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm in Love with Spanky


Hobo Divine said...

Yup he's super adorable!
A super cool 12" was released early '80's by The Beat Boys titled "Yum-Yum (Eat 'em up).
I used to break to this! :D
I always wondered if they sampled the chap from Borneo.

I know posting links are trashy on blogs but there are a lot of crappy remixed versions of this classic so here you go!

Thanks for postin' Darlin McFarland

Emily said...

That song is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I am imagining you breaking to it...

Yup, I am into Little Rascals right now. My boyfriend bought the complete theatrical shorts box set, and I am in heaven.

One of my favorite comic artists, Steven Weissman, was really influenced by these Hal Roach shorts, and now I know why!

Your pal,

WEISSMAN said...


WEISSMAN said...

Have you watched the Breezy Brisbane episodes yet?? I don't know why he didn't become a bigger deal.

Emily said...

I saw the episode with Brisbane where a midget kid and dwarf pose and babies to rob rich peoples' jewelry at a party. Which, btw, is a mesmerizing episode!

At first I wasn't sure if Brisbane was a normal kid, or what, because he has a very mature face and voice. But I guess he was.

WEISSMAN said...

yeah, exactly. Fidgets!