Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Emily Brundige: Live and Awkward @ CalArts!

For those of you who missed the Experimental Animators Show @ CalArts' Tatum Lounge, here is a video I edited together of my performances.  My pal Kirsten Lepore recorded me. 

I am sorry I wore what I thought was a cute indie dress, but in reflection, resembles a muu muu. But it's okay, after all, Annette used to attract boys in her muu muu!


Kersey BT said...

AWESOME!!! it's like i was THERE!!!

Hobo Divine said...

You are soooo BRAVE!
Awesome performance Emily!
Thanks for posting! :)

Sean said...

whoa, rad songs!

Emily said...

Thanks Kersey!

Thanks Hobes! I was really nervous!!!

Thanks SEAN! :)