Thursday, April 14, 2011

Experimental Animators Concert!

Hey folks!

I will be performing my songs this Friday night (the 15th) at CalArts, along with other experimental animators in my program who will be playing their music.  If you don't have plans, consider coming!  Not sure yet when I'll be "going on" but if I find out I will give an update. 

The show starts at 7 PM, and will be @:

Tatum Lounge at CalArts
24700 McBean Pkwy 91355
Valencia, CA
The Tatum Lounge is the coffee shop on the second floor of the main building.  


Hobo Divine said...

I wish I could go!!!
I hope you record it and post the highlights!

Great new layout with your blog too.


Emily said...

I wish you could be there too! I'm planning to record video, if I do, I'll def. post it here :)

Thanks for the kind words about the new blog look! I'm happy with it too.

:) :)