Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Found this drawing crumpled up in my backpack.

Sketches of Friends/Film Studies

In my world, everyone looks very old.

Old Fangs studies.  I love the art direction and shot composition in that short, so did thumbnail studies.

Amelie studies.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Comedy Bang Bang plays "Pubertina"!

Comedy Bang Bang, one of my favorite podcasts, played the Pubertina song!  I was totally tickled to hear Scott Aukerman, Paul Rust, Jimmy Pardo, and Rob Delaney laugh, criticize, and just generally "BRO-OUT" on my song.  They over-think my super anglo last name when trying to pronounce it, which always cracks me up.  Also, they basically give a good review of my song, which is very rare on this podcast.  It's super fun (and fun-ny) to hear what they have to say.  "Pubertina" comes in at 59:19.  Give it a listen.  Please.  Here.

Tune into the podcast every week!  It's where I get my laughs.

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