Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Friend, Donavan

Donavan Freberg is a friend I met a few years ago through my ex-boyfriend's roommate, Dave. The first time I met him he was about to leave for a session with his therapist. He told me that they were a bit like Harold and Maude, he and his therapist, which temporarily captured my heart. His girlfriend (at the time), Sara, gave me a copy of The Phantom Tollbooth for my birthday one year. Magical people.

Donavan is a very talented photographer. Here is his website. He is also a clever writer, a sentimental puppeteer, and amazing creative force in general. He's written a lot about his upbringing: being the son of famous adman, comedian, voice actor, etc., Stan Freberg, and growing up in L.A. with the 90210 area code, blissfully spoiled, and unaware of what lay ahead of him. Here's a part of a video series he made, working through his issues with his father using a puppet:

His niece, Rylee Jean Ebsen just finished a wonderful little film based on Donavan's life, and includes both the ups and downs. Donavan co-wrote the script, and provided the voiceover/narration for the main character (based on himself):

I hope Donavan continues to write stories, and work on other creative projects. He has a lot to offer this world. Someday I hope to have him do a voice for a character in one of my future films--just don't have a good part for him yet.

I should also mention that Donavan has provided a lot of internet support and enthusiasm for me in all of my creative pursuits. He is probably one of my biggest fans!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More of my songs on soundcloud...

Hey bloggies!

I uploaded more of my songs through this website called soundcloud. You can check them out by clicking here.