Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pubertina, the Animated Web Series!

The project I've been working on since December, an animated web series based on my first-year-film character, Pubertina, was finally announced last week in the LA Times.  And then here on Cartoon Brew.

I write it, storyboard it, cut the radioplay and animatics, do the voice of Pubertina (and other characters), background art, and other miscellaneous stuff.  My awesome friend Josh Herron animates the show, and my other awesome friend, Paul Fraser, acts as composer and sound designer.  I compose some of the songs, he others, and sometimes we collaborate on songs.  My dear friend Midge Lipschitz plays Pubes' best friend Debs, and also adds a lot to the series.  Other wonderful friends have also contributed, namely Nico Colaleo.  Ashish Dha helped me loads as voice-recording engineer.  I'll be sure to mention credits as episodes "air."

We're still in production, but the series launches April 30th on a SMOSH associated, original YouTube channel Shut Up! Cartoons.  17 other animated series will also slowly start airing on the same channel.  Right now you can check out a trailer with some short clips from Pubertina.

I've never been so proud of anything in my life, and have had so much fun writing and working on this series.

The show features Pubertina as the only girl in her fifth grade class going through puberty.  She is weird and dramatic.  Her prepubescent best friend Debs acts as her guide on this journey; highly enthusiastic, headstrong, and sometimes a harsh critic, but ever-adoring of Pubertina.  Other characters include Pubertina's crush Andrew, Pubertina's stuffed dog Ruff-Ruff, and her deadpan teenage cousin Xstina.

The show also features original songs and music written by me and Paul Fraser.

Please check it out, and follow it, because it just gets better and better (IMO). 

To help spread the word, you can "like" the channel on Facebook, and follow it on twitter.

More posts to come!

Your pal,


Anonymous said...

We are all so happy for you. Congratulations!!!!

Nancy said...

Can't wait for it to premiere!! So excited, and I know they're going to be FUN!!

Anonymous said...

I love Debs. Your friend sounds just like Ms. Laura Bailey. And the sound is very professional overall. You guys are doing a great job.